Accessories - Others

We offer a consortium of brands/products based on your budget without compromising on the sound quality.
  • Floor Pull-up Screen Carrying Bag

    Floor pull-up screen carrying bagAvailable for 60", 72", 80", 84", and 100" ezCinema and ezCinema Plus seriesAdjustable shoulder strapNylon cloth material Washable

  • LED Backlight Kit

    Elite Screens LED Backlight Kit is an optional accessory for the EDGE FREE® Aeon Fixed Frame Screen Series.

  • Frame Border and Pen Tray

    The frame border and pen tray kit provides Elite Screens Insta-DE and Insta-DE2 dry-erase projection screens with a similar conventional whiteboard look. The frame allows the user to write within the dry-erase surface and the pen tray is a convenient place holder for all of your dry-erase pens.

  • Tripod and Reflexion Carrying Bag

    Tripod and Reflexion carrying bagAvailable for all Tripod/Reflexion series modelsAdjustable shoulder strapNylon cloth materialWashable

  • Yard Master 2 Screen Material

    The unique design of the Yard Master 2 Series allows for either front or rear projection material to be used. WraithVeil® Dual material now available for both front and rear projection.

  • Yard Master 2 Extension Legs

    The Yard Master 2 is a folding-frame outdoor projector screen that uses a light-weight folding aluminum framework. It is ideal for outdoor presentations but sometimes, the event requires a higher screen setting so that everyone present can easily see the big picture. The Yard Master 2 now has an add-on feature. These high-quality extended legs perfectly match the Yard Master 2’s design adding more than 27 inches of extra height. This provides a significant height advantage allowing your presentation to be seen in large group presentations at a greater distance.

  • Yard Master Drape Kit

    Elite Screens Yard Master 2 and Yard Master Plus models of outdoor projection screens make portable presentations a lot easier to set up quickly and take down just as fast.

  • ZER1

    High Density whiteboard erasersFor use with all Elite's Dry-Erase Projection Screens

  • ZER2

    Set of pens, high-density erasers, and a self-stick cradleFor use with all Elite's Dry-Erase Projection ScreensIncludes, 2 pens, 2 erasers, and 1 cradle

  • ZER3

    For use with all Elite Screens' Dry-Erase Projection Screens1 bottle of 8.45 oz. cleaning solution1 microfiber cloth2 high density foam erasers2 sets of blue & red markers

  • ZER4

    5 pc set of High Density whiteboard erasersEasily cleans your white board screen, without damaging or scuffing the surfaceExtend the longevity of your Elite Screens White-Board-Projection-ScreenFor use with all Elite Screens' Dry-Erase Projection Screens

  • ZERC3

    For use with all Elite Screens' Dry-Erase Projection Screens1 bottle of 250ml cleaning solution


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