Custom Install Speakers

We offer a consortium of brands/products based on your budget without compromising on the sound quality.
  • CCM8.5 D

    The world’s most advanced in-ceiling loudspeaker

  • CCM7.3 S2

    A no-holds-barred 3-way premium loudspeaker

  • CCM7.5 S2

    A 2-way in-ceiling model with superb sound quality

  • CWM8.3 D

    In-wall system with 804 D3 performance levels

  • CWM8.5 D

    In-wall system with 805 D3 performance levels

  • CWM7.3 S2

    In-wall system with 703 S2 performance levels

  • CWM7.4 S2

    In-wall system with 704 S2 performance levels

  • CWM7.5 S2

    In-wall system with 706 S2 performance levels

  • AM-1

    The easy-install bracket allows AM-1 to be mounted vertically or horizontally, for total flexibility of installation.

  • Marine 8

    The larger of the waterproof, rugged Marine speakers delivers pristine sound - whether on the high seas or in any other challenging environment. And if it gets dirty, just hose it clean!

  • Marine 6

    Whether it gets soaked, sprayed with salt-water or hosed down, Marine 6 is designed to keep on bringing you superb sound.


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