Qube Subwoofer

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    Unlimited capacity thanks to the 32 cm long-throw woofer and the rich 500 Watt sinewave amplifier power combine to ensure brute elemental force and perfect control of the deepest octaves. The gigantic magnet used for the powerful woofer provides the impressive amplifier output power with incredible precision. The QUBE 12 combines optimum stable pulse fidelity with the dynamics. The QUBE 12 not only uses Cinch connectors but also professional XLR connections to provide the interconnections with the AV receiver.


    Its built-in amplifier puts out an enormous 200/280 watts and helps the large 260 mm long-stroke woofers achieve thrust one would never expect. Four stable feet hold the massive housing to make sure it doesn’t lose its grip on the floor. It is rare to find cultivated elegance and genuine power united with such perfection.


    Supported by a bass reflex channel, and of a ‘downfire’ design, the Qube 8’s potent output stage produces bone-dry accents in the lower bass range. It doesn’t matter whether musical subtlety or powerful home theatre sound is needed — the Qube 8 is a true universal genius, plus soft clipping and a peak limiter are there just in case life gets a little too exuberant.


    There is no escape when the QUBE 7 takes the listener right down into the dark depths of the bass. This compact miracle of technology captures everyone with its power and impressive precision. The high-gloss baffle and top quality workmanship really shine through.


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