We offer a consortium of brands/products based on your budget without compromising on the sound quality.
  • Formation Duo

    the Formation Duo Bowers & Wilkins has made a bona fide high-end wireless speaker system

  • Formation Wedge

    Formation products feature B&W's proprietary wireless mesh system, which partners with your home wi-fi but works independently to enable hi-res streaming and a basically imperceptible one microsecond sync between speakers.

  • Formation Bar

    The Bowers & Wilkins Formation Bar is a high-fidelity music and movie soundbar. This soundbar features the exclusive B&W exclusive wireless technology which has the perfected in-room speaker synchronization

  • Formation Bass

    The Bass Formation consists of interbedded sandstone (arkose), and silty sandstone, prominent interbeds of conglomerate and dolomite, and subordinate interbeds of argillite and limestone

  • Formation Flex

    Formation Flex is a high performance, compact wireless speaker system. ... Sync it with other Formation speakers as part of a wireless whole home system or use as surround channels with a Formation Bar and Formation Bass for an impressive 5.1 experience.


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